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Tevin Peterson
Tevin PetersonMen of Valor, Nashville, TN
“Manhood Journey presents a clear and compelling vision of the Lord’s design for a man. Our boys have a new vision for their future – a PRICELESS gift! Now they have a chance to escape the cycle of poverty, drugs and prison that has plagued their dads & grandfathers. God is using Manhood Journey in a mighty way!”
Curtis DeVries
Curtis DeVriesGroup participant, Louisville, KY
“One of my favorite things about Manhood Journey was the friends I made and how we could learn from and pray for each other. I got to learn a bunch of stuff. If you’re thinking about doing MJ you should do it! You can learn things about your dad and get with friends and fellowship together.”
Rick Nieves
Rick NievesTrail Life Chaplain, Cypress, CA
“The Embarking Module far exceeded my expectations. The conversations were awesome and the Holy Spirit ministered in such a beautiful way to both boys and fathers. We all grew and bonded with our sons and each other and will continue on to the next module.”
Tim Downs
Tim DownsGroup leader, Orlando, FL
“MJ has helped us to engage dads and their sons. This is all gravy, the meat is the building of relationships between father and son, prompting conversations that bring them closer together. Additionally, most important is building their relationship with Jesus Christ. The weekend was a huge success!”
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The verdict is in

Manhood Journey’s father and son bible study approach is huge hit! Fathers are surprised that the young men in their groups are open, transparent and eager to talk. Young men are learning that their dads were actually young boys once and have some sense for the challenges. The Biblical dialogue is creating real and meaningful conversations.

See what some fathers and sons in one group had to say about their experiences!

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