"Manhood Journey helps dads be intentional in discipling the next generation of godly leaders"

Kyle Idleman, Teaching Pastor at Southeast Christian Church and best-selling author of Not A Fan 

How you'll benefit

What’s included in the course?

4 Training Videos

Introduction: Overcoming struggles, becoming a godly Connected Father

Leadership: Balancing priorities, setting a great example, moving past failure

Communication: Finding common ground, creating real conversations

Training: Setting expectations, striking right balance of grace and truth

9 Podcasts

Overcoming failure and expectations (Tim Hester)

Being intentional and living a genuine life (Kyle Idleman)

Finding moments your kids remember forever (Pat Combs)

How affirming your children meets a huge need (Simon Mbevi)

Helping our kids keep the bigger win in mind (Ross Knecht)
And many more! 

5 PDF Documents

All the training is captured in handy print-ready PDFs.

There's one consolidated e-book with the 3 main topic areas and 12 strategies.

Then, we'll also include quick reference recaps for every key topic.

1 Infographic

Post this one-page guide on your office wall, bathroom mirror or car sun visor!

It helps keep the ideas top of mind so you can put them into practice.

▿ Bonus items included ▿

53 Questions PDF

Get your kids to open up with easy but powerful questions

Live Online Event

A private online event to help you get started and connected


Cool visual reminders to help you put the new strategies into practice

Extra videos

A short video showing you how to be a better dad for under $1

Featuring content from these respected fathers

You'll have access to ideas, tips and encouragement from regular Joe's, authors, business leaders and pastors

Kyle Idleman

Teaching Pastor and best-selling author of Not a Fan and Grace is Greater

Kent Evans

Manhood Journey Executive Director, author of Wise Guys

Simon Mbevi

Executive Director of Transform Nations, author of Dad is Destiny

Aaron Harvie

Senior Pastor of Highview Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky

Dr. Kevin Jones, Ph. D.

Boyce College Associate Dean of Academic Advancement

Tim Hester

Southeast Christian Executive Pastor, father of twelve children!

And other experienced and wise dads like Pat Combs (former Olympian), David Murphy (former MLB player), Brad DeVries (real estate executive) Ross Knecht (nonprofit executive)!

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What pastors have said about Manhood Journey

Bob Russell

Kyle Idleman

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you buy this course and watch all the videos, listen to the podcasts, and read the e-books and PDFs. And, if after that, you're not convinced that it will help you be a Connected Father, just let us know. We'll gladly refund your money, no questions asked. Well, we might ask how we failed you so we can fix it. But, only after we've already refunded your money.

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